Once your dental implant and the prosthesis are in place, you can chew in comfort and smile with confidence again. Your new teeth can serve you well for many years if you keep your mouth healthy and take good care of your implants. This means taking the time to clean all your teeth regularly and keeping appointments with us for supprotive therapy and supervision.

- Brushing Your Teeth
- Flossing Your Teeth
- Ongoing Dental Care

Brushing Your Teeth

Brush your teeth, prosthesis, and abutments after every meal and at bedtime. You can keep your whole mouth healthier by brushing your gumline, especially around the abutments.

Fixed Prosthesis
Brush your fixed prosthesis as thoroughly as you would brush your teeth. Be sure to brush the back of the prosthesis and the abutments.

Removable Prosthesis
Remove your prosthesis and brush it both inside and out. Brush your gums and abutments while the prosthesis is removed.

Flossing Your Teeth

With dental implants, flossing is needed to clean areas your toothbrush can't reach. Floss between your teeth and behind your prosthesis at least once a day. For best results, floss up and down along the length of the abutment.

Fixed Prosthesis
Floss the abutments from the front, sides, and back.

Removable Prosthesis
Floss around the abutments while the prosthesis is out of your mouth.

Your dental implant prosthesis can create many hard-to-reach surfaces in your mouth. Try an interdental brush, or a rotary toothbrush to make cleaning easier. Our dental hygienists and level II dental assistants can show you the right way to use each of these cleaning aids.

Ongoing Dental Care

Your restorative dentist should check your prosthesis once or twice a year and make any needed repairs. At least once a year I, as your surgical specialist must assess the stability of your implants and the health of your jaws and gums.
The hygiensts must continue to scale and root plane the teeth and remove plaque from the abutments on a frequency schedule recommended specifically for you based on your particular situation.