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Our Offices Periodontal Disease
    - Introduction
      Your Gums Are in Trouble
      Making a Lifelong Commitment
      Your Periodontist: A Gum Specialist
      Health Gums and Teeth
      Bacteria: The Invisible Troublemakers
      Stages of Periodontal Disease
    - Your Evaluation
      Your Medical History
      Your Dental History
      The Dental Examination
      Your Treatment Plan
    - During Surgery
      During Surgery
      After Surgery
      Risks and Complications
      Call Your Periodontist If...
      Follow-up Exam
    - Treatment Options
      Non-Surgical Options
        Scaling and Root Planing
        Bite Correction
      Surgical Options
        Flap Surgery
        Bone (Osseous) Surgery
        Guided Tissue Regeneration
        Bone Graft
        Soft Tissue Graft
    - Continuing Care
      Proper Brushing Technique
      Proper Flossing Technique
      Special Aids
      Factors Increasing Your Risk
    - General Health & Periodontal Disease
      Pregnancy and Periodontal Disease
      Respiratory and Periodontal Disease
      Diabetes and Periodontal Disease
      Heart and Periodontal Disease
      Menopause and Periodontal Disease
      Puberty/Menstruation and Periodontal Disease
Bone Grafting
    - Introduction
    - Guided Bone Regeneration
      What are bone grafting and GBR?
      Why are bone grafts and GBR needed?
      What are some jaw bone defects requiring GBR?
      How are grafting and GBR procedures performed?
      Are grafting and GBR procedures painful?
      What special care is required after my grafting procedure?
      How successful are bone grafting and GBR?
      Are there different types of grafts and membranes?
    - Preserving Tissue Using Biotechnology
      What occurs to the surrounding gum and bone tissue
      following tooth extraction?
      How can bone and gum tissue by preserved?
      How is bone and gum tissue preserved?
      Are tooth extraction and bone preservation procedures
      Can these procedures be used in conjuntion with dental
      What special care is required after grafting the tooth
Gum Recession

Crown Lengthening

Cosmetic Procedures

Dental Implants
    - Introduction
      A Healthy Mouth for the Best Results
      Implants Are Like Teeth
      Are Implants For You?
    - Types of Implants
      Types of Prosthesis
      Choosing a Complete Denture Prosthesis
    - Your First Surgery
      Preparing for Surgery
      During Surgery
      After Surgery
      Follow-up Care
    - Your Second Surgery
      During Surgery
      After Surgery
      Call Your Periodontist If...
    - Forming the Prosthesis
      Forming Your Prosthesis
      Fitting Your Prosthesis
      When to Call Your Restorative Dentist
    - Ongoing Care
      Brushing Your Teeth
      Flossing Your Teeth
      Ongoing Dental Care
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