Our Policies


If at any time you are dealing with a dental emergency, we are always ready to look after you. Please contact our office immediately.


We do our best to see patients on time.  Despite being a surgical practice, dealing with specialized procedures, we still pride ourselves on staying on schedule to the best of our ability, and rarely will we keep you waiting.


To be effective, periodontal or dental implant treatments require the scheduling of your appointments at precise time intervals. It is not possible to schedule other patients at the same time. We will attempt to accommodate your circumstances in the scheduling of treatment appointments. Please be aware that any changes affect many patients. If you do not keep your appointment, reserved exclusively for you, that time is not used. If your scheduled appointments must be changed, in the case of surgical therapy, 10 business days notice of cancellation is required, and at least two business days in advance for any non-surgical treatment.


Our fees are viewable at the established current Ontario Periodontist’s Specialist Fee Guide.


As many of our patients have some form of dental insurance, we will be glad to complete the treatment portion of the dental insurance form. We do not accept assignment. This simply means that your insurance cheque will go directly to you, not to our office. You are directly responsible for the payment of our fees.


We request that all of our patients take care of their account balance following each appointment. Should this request present a problem, please inform the treatment coordinator or the business administrator and alternative arrangements can be discussed.